The Divine Tapestry in Black and White

In 1982, the Holy Spirit inspired Darel to create the story of Jesus Christ’s life in a collage-like format, using pen and ink. Besides many individual pictures being intermingled and “hidden” within each other, the other concept was that the pictures were to blend together. This blending of images would actually form one large face of Christ, that could be viewed from a distance.

Challenged yet determined, Darel began the painstaking task of hand drawing each picture, using primarily New Testament reference. Hundreds of pictures and over a quarter century later, the original vision has resulted in the intricate work you see here.

This piece visually depicts Christ’s life. However, it also symbolizes the complex combination and sequences of events in the seasons of human life. The Master Designer is intimately aware of the joy and affliction of each individual’s situation. He is fully capable and trustworthy of weaving together all events, now and eternally, as He is sovereign.

This is His “Divine Tapestry.”